Change to Course in 2018

Loop the Lake 2018 will start at Speers Point Park and travel to Doyalson via Belmont and Swansea on the Pacific Highway, with a break at Catherine Hill Bay for those who wish to stop there.

For those starting in Doyalson there is a stop available in Belmont

Loop the Lake is on public roads with normal traffic conditions

Please keep in mind that it is a public road not a closed circuit, there are no road closures and that the ride arrangements mean that we facilite some additional support infrastructure like bike mechanics, food, water, signs for drivers, cyclists and road sweeping it is essentially the same as any other day of the year in terms of potential risk from traffic and other hazards.

It is part of our agreement with the police (though they are not the only concerned party) that we manage and reduce the risk to participants as fully as we can so that we can continue to hold the ride each year with the number of riders that we do.

Obey the road rules

Riders MUST obey the road rules, stop at traffic lights if they are orange or red, stop at stop signs, give way to traffic when appropriate, ride single file, if it is safe to do so then ride on the shoulder of the road or available bike lane.

If we can keep the public happy and all the authorities happy then we can look forward to more Loop the Lakes in the future. It is really quite important that on Loop the Lake day all cyclists are well behaved, courteous and careful to do the right thing.

Single and double file

In order to reduce concern and frustration that might be caused to other road users and observers we would very much appreciate that all cyclists adhere to a policy of riding single file at all times.

What you do in your own time on the other 364 days of the year whether by yourself or as a group is entirely up to you but on Loop the Lake day we have a keen interest in ensuring that the whole community is happy for the ride to occur so that we can continue to run this great event.

The only situations where we believe it would be acceptable to ride two abreast would be where there is more than ample shoulder on the road or a lane with broken lines suitable for overtaking on a straight and unobstructed stretch of road or on the cycle way. Ideally, we would prefer single file at all times unless overtaking. This is for your safety as a cyclist and to reduce the impact on other traffic.

Please be polite and courteous to all members of the public and other road users at all times regardless of their disposition.