Thank you everyone who participated in Loop the Lake 2015, we had almost 1700 cyclists enter the ride this year.

The next Loop the Lake will be on the 13th of March 2016 (the second Sunday in March).

If anyone didn’t get their pre-paid t-shirts, they can pick them up at Electrodry Office Wallsend, 78-82 Nelson Street, Wallsend in business hours.

2015 Bike Raffle Winners

1st – Denise Mccutchan

2nd – David Lea

3rd – Joao Rebelo

Road Safety

The ride is on public roads and there will not be any road closures so it is important that anyone who is entering have appropriate cycling experience on the roads with traffic and is confident to ride safely and steadily. For more on safety and conditions of entry please review the safety page.

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